Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Anderson Scott : Whistling Dixie
a new book
published by Columbia College Chicago Press
available nation wide and

     all Images ©Anderson Scott, Columbia Press

I first became aware of Whistling Dixie in late 2007.When Anderson Scott showed me a portfolio that he had been working on and asked  my opinion, much to my surprise and maybe his too, I loved the images and kept up with the project over the years it took to get this interesting and timely body of work published.

A note to artists/photographers if you believe,in your project, then see it through.

I learned a lot about re-enactors.but what I found compelling is the tension of capturing history, spectacle and the  ritual of a war long past. The Civil War is considered to be the rebirth of America. We benefited from the technological advances in photography which were all made within 50 years  and recorded this great event.I sometime think, this war, photography and the Industrial Revolutions were part of the catalyst for the 20th century

I am southern so I can understand the struggle some may have with this book.In fact what these photographs represent is just an essay about a period of history and trying to  remember it. What fascinates me are the young who are trying to remember their ancestors reality and find their own
in the digital age.

I am not adding captions until later.I will ask that you look at and read these images there are many details that you should discover for yourself

One or two notes when  I was art director and editor of SXSE magazine the first 9 issues, Andersen Scott and I spoke and this was one of the first artists chosen for the publication in the premier issue in 2011.

There will be a book signing and artist talk at
A Novel Experience March 23 at 6:30pm
426 Thomaston Street, Zebulon, GA.
(770) 567-1103

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