Sunday, March 17, 2013

So it has started again

What a strange and good feeling.this morning I decide to come back to my blog page after six months.It has never been far from my mind ,but I needed a break and also for the past year I felt I would have used it for a sad purpose.That being said I am ready to start again

There is this funny quote" If I  am traveling for more than 30 minutes,I should be in Paris "
I have sometimes used those words as an excuse not to leave home for many years or to avoid
the outer-boros Today I found out I could be in Brooklyn in less than 25.I t was a task to walk over
to 111 Front Street and climb stairs which to be honest made me feel that there was a good reason that the quote exists.

Why did I leave my home without a valise and iPod ?

To buy a book, Conflict and Costume and to see an exhibition of Jim Naughten's new work
Conflict and Costume at the Klompching Gallery.

Herero Woman in Pattern Dress 2012
more to come


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  1. Glad to see you back in action in more ways than one!