Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Miss, Will You Please Take A Picture of My Son ?

Once upon a time not too long ago. A mysterious woman left a treasure behind that will take years to really understand. She seemed to have avoided being notice, catching glimpse of herself in reflections and shadows.For over fifty years she made more than 115,000 images that that have begun to intrigue the world of photography while creating a media buzz outside the photographic art world.

In some ways she has become a celebrity.There are all those negatives , some vintage prints , artifacts, books, cameras and clothing . Some shadowy childhood memories from the children she help raised in the mid-century.There are legends being made as well as discoveries everything is conjecture but in the end the real woman will emerge.

As each negative is scanned and catalog new details are revealed and maybe new understanding. I saw a photograph recently that made me request to see more. I made a request of Vivian Maier Prints to see more, much to my surprise two images looked as if they were taken in close sequence,wow .

I think maybe she was observed taking pictures and the proud young father ask if she would take a picture of him and his son. The second photograph is carefully composed and I want to believe has the extra advantage of showing tenderness.Funny thing about photography once upon a time it was rare, an event , something not done every second. I think it was worth asking for

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