Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Am In A New York State of Mind : Photographs by Susan Wides

I have lived in New York a very long time, yet I still say I am a southerner .Funny thing I never thought I would leave home even if I was a fish out of water there , I still knew how to breathe and I had a great time . As with most things in my life something serendipitous happen, love happened and I found myself in New York for a weekend. A weekend that became the beginning of a new home and many evolutions of me.

I have often said I came to New York because I love snow, that is still true. A bigger truth is, I was not thinking at all, I wanted to be here

I can sit inside my apartment and feel the energy of a living city pulsating through the bricks and mortar.I can be in a crowd here and feel quiet and stillness. I do not look for pictures of New York I am here now,but when I saw these images by Susan Wides I was drawn into her vision, I know these places , even to someone who lives here they can be strange yet beautiful and making us see that is part of what artists do.

All images are copyrighted by Susan Wides


  1. Very much enjoy looking at Susan Wides photos AND reading your words.

    Thank you!

  2. Great job showcasing Susan's work and giving it the attention it deserves. Thanks