Friday, April 15, 2011


Celebrating time and acquaintances, today I realized that another Photolucida was taking place as a new exhibition was opening in the Washington D C area. Today is an Anniversary. The very first time I reviewed portfolios at Photolucida I met this very wonderful photographer, no not that one. I met Joanna Knox who amazed me because she came to really show her photographs and talk ask questions , this was refreshing she wanted no gallery, no book deals there was not a burning need to climb the ladder to being a photographic super star. She loved making pictures and at some point way later, months , I mentioned Slowexposures which she enter and became a supporter of ,more than that. Joanna became a friend. I see her each fall and it is fresh again. She is now Joanna Knox Yoder. I met a lot of people in Portland that year none more inspiring than Joanna

I hope that her new exhibition entitled Seen and Unseen which opens this Sunday April 17 at The Athenaeum Gallery in Alexandria VA is the start of many wonderful things for her.

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