Wednesday, April 13, 2011

As I Was Saying " There are 8 Million stories in the Naked City "

There are 8 million stories in the naked city, this may be 8million and 1. A joyous one because the photographs engage you not only with their beauty ( I know already it is subjective ) but they provoke you to think about the city's image in historical terms and then those images in relationship to Janine's earlier mentors Atget and Abbott who also recorded great cities under going change.


illustrates how to create and add to the conversation that has been in progress since photography began. I feel that even though the subject has sat for pictures before these photographs have the jazzy energy and frantic pace of a young woman experiencing and recording the city in the 21st century. Intimate and personal
daily ,if you live in the city you know these reflected moods , these small bits of space, that tourist may not linger in while they rush to the next must see.

By making unique paper negatives and printing small (11 X 14) in high contrast Janine has created a visual staccato a glittery sound is being made like a jewel that need great darkness,she provides both These can only be made by her it is her story in the 8 million and one .

Would it not be wonderful to see what other photographers are saying about the city now, that is New York , my dear

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