Thursday, January 22, 2015

Ariel Dill and Kellyann Burns : Killing time and falling in love

"The Sorcerer's Apprentice " 
Ariel Dill
Pablo's Birthday Gallery
57 Orchard Street
212 462 2411
through January 23
Kellyann Burns
McKenzie Fine Art Inc.
55 Orchard Street
212 989 5467
through February 8

Yesterday afternoon I was wandering around the LES (Lower East Side in NYC) on Orchard Street ,meandering in and out of galleries.I saw somethings I like, somethings that caused an erotic rush like desire. I found myself contemplating about a renewed interest in Abstract Expressionism and its various handmaidens.Today at this moment I am listening to SOHN's '" Wheel " as a few images that I would love to include in my imaginary museum eat into my heart.

The first  one is by Ariel Dill part of the " The Sorcerer's Apprentice " group show 
at Pablo's Birthday Gallery at 57 Orchard street through this weekend. Ariel Dill's, Inky . 

Then there were two images by Kellyann Burns at McKenzie Fine Art until February 8th. which will give you time to see and savor her paintings

Maybe "I Fall in Love to Easily,I Fall in Love too Fast ." but yesterday, a grey and depressing of day these painting gave me joy that last.

Ariel Dill                 Inky               Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, 2014  72x53"

Installation Pablo's Birthday Gallery

Kellyann Burns   8:29 PM 8/22/12, 2012Oil on alu-dibond30 x 24 inches
Kellyann Burns   5:43 PM 10/4/14, 2014 Oil on alu-dibond

Installation at McKenzie Fine Art
all images are copyrighted by the artists and galleries, please contact them for more,

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