Friday, April 11, 2014


How To
Park Avenue Armory
April 10 - April 13

A couple days ago on Face book I posted a comment on Facebook about Michael Itkoff's presentation of How To at the 2014  AIPAD SHOW. I posted " one of the top ten best ideas at AIPAD "those words are still floating around in my head.I am adding a little more here.First there is a love and respect for the art & history of photography show here. Two the work vibrates between the past and the now.
It has humor that is refreshing as one think about the images. I started to think about Eadweard Muybridge. Aaron Siskind'  Pleasures & Terrors of  Levitation which always felt were movie stills. Enough of me below Michael explains everything and there is a link to his website to explore
the range and see these images move. They will bring a smile to your face better yet visit Kopeikin Gallery AIPAD booth 308

How To' video pieces I have sourced instructional booklets from the early-to-mid 20th century including books on Karate, Yoga, Aerobics and other physical activities. These texts are rooted in the Western ideal of bodily perfection and culminate within late-capitalism where individuals can fine-tune their abilities, and thereby their identities, via easily consumable books or YouTube videos. The short GIF-like loops that comprise 'How To' are made by scanning, editing and sequencing the crude black and white photographs that illustrate the books and the resulting videos are exhibited on editioned iPads.

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