Monday, January 3, 2011

ON THE ROAD : drive through drive by drive in

The mysteries of the South are really based on being and not.The images here that should be sad or that may you angry when you look close are kinda funny .The images that should reassure can if you look carefully may make you feel sad and intrigue.These are about driving and stopping to take pictures.I like the idea of the road.One of my favorite lines in music is "The long and winding road..."Each day, new year opens up as a new road or path to follow.I love looking out of the window ,I must sit in the front seat. The artists top 2 photographs are by Hai Zhang take in Southern Alabama.Second row Atlanta, Marta Colton Vincent, Cemetery by Donna Rosser.Last pairing the road heading somewhere is by Brenda Fayard.The quick shot taken on a highway is by Jane Robbins Kerr

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  1. These are nice. . . . Especially like the first, the way they're each kind of the inverse of the other—grey sky, grey pavement, blue sky, blu(ish) pavement. . . . Makes for a nice diptych. FR