Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Story No Words : chapter 5

The artists in the order of appearance are

Brian Ulrich
Mary Ann Lynch
Susan May Tell
Mary Ann Lynch

Vicki Hunt

this work is copyrighted .

to be continued ....


  1. So pleased to be included in this Chapter 5 of the ongoing "A Story No Words," along with photographers Brian Ulrich, Susan May Tell and Vicki Hunt. . .another deft assemblage by John Bennette on this "hanging with mrbennette" FB page

  2. thanks for including the links to the photographers. I already visited Susan May Tells's site.

  3. you are welcome ,I will try to make this a better site as we continue to produce it,please visit all the artists we link

  4. I, too, am honored and pleased to be included with Mary Ann Lynch, Vicki Hunt, Brian Ulrich.

    Although this story needs no words, I want to say a few about my image. Taken in the Lower Ninth Ward, New Orleans, 3 years after Hurricane Katrina, this photograph and all others I took there are dedicated to the individuals who were abandoned on the bridge or clung to the roofs of their homes - images seared into our collective consciousness. I, for one, will never forget. And am grateful that 6 years later this couple, and the other victims, are again being honored... by being in your blog.