Friday, February 10, 2012


Builder Levy's photographs inspired me to think about and try to remember a man I hardly knew. A community I was a part of for such a short time, A world that has change because of technology. and 50 years of time. My shadowy and distant childhood .One of the great illusional powers of photograph is the trick of the remembered experience . Photography can be the great totem in lives.

Earlier this week Donna Rosser posted on Facebook a photo of her mother and grandmother stopping by a road to pick wild blackberries and I remember the times when seeing wild blackberries was very common and how my aunt and I use to pick them as kids.

When I first propose doing .an article with Builder In South x Southeast Photo magazine. My final layout was edited to 22 photographs ,most you will see in this blog in the correct sequence when putting together part three I notice a small flaw in the layout,which I intend not to address now, because I suspect you will figure it out. I also removed 2 images from the group of 22 for a tighter visual story they will be posted later.

When we started the first image was a preserved united miners banner. The struggle still exist,women now not only wait for their men, but work in the mines too.There are new and horrible techniques to get the coal that is changing the face of these mountains so the strikes and demonstrations go on. Something in my heart feels that Builder Levy will be there to remind us .

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  1. Great to see all of Builder's work here (actually a small piece of it, but you know what I mean). It is important work that definitely deserves everyone's notice. And your comments are equally touching.